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Rules & Regulations at a Glance

Students are expected to maintain decorous behavior in the class room, exam hall, dining room and dormitory as well as on the play ground. They should turn up for breakfast in full and neat uniform. Always they will show respect to elder. Any errant behavior will be reported and corrected with patience and diligence.

Suitable punishment will be meted out for repeated offences, and in extreme cases the student will be sent out of the institution.

The management and faculty will spare no effort in moulding the young students into responsible citizens of the country.

Rules & Regulations

– Fees once paid will not be refunded

–  In the beginning of each term the parents are to pay all the fees connected to the term in full.

– Fees should be remitted punctually. Concession of fee request will not be entertained.

– Rs.50/- will be collected for issuing Date of Birth cum Conduct certificate and     Rs.100/- will be collected for issuing T.C.

– If any of the school property is intentionally spoiled by the ward(s) the amount for the same will be added in their personal accounts.

– Parents are requested to supply the required number for text books, note books and other stationeries intimated to them from time to time. They are to check the students’ school diaries in each term ending when they come home or when the parents visit their wards in the hostel on second Sundays or when they come to visit the principal on 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th Saturdays from 2:00 to 3:00 pm

– Provide the recorded number of articles mentioned in the articles’ list.

– The articles, which they bring to the hostel, should be recorded each time in the file provided, which is available with the caretakers. Each time when they take the ward home for holidays certify to have taken all the materials of their ward(s)

– If a student fails to come to school on the stipulated date after the holidays a fine of Rs.100/- will be imposed on him/her for the first three days and Rs.10/- will be added to that from the fourth day to the day on which he/she comes to school.

– The wards should take active part in all the activities of the school without any exception.

– Parents are strictly instructed not to bring any eatable or valuable articles to the hostel for their children. They are further instructed not to keep any money with their children.

– Parents should attend the P.T.Ms compulsorily and they will be allowed to talk to the teaches only after the P.T.Ms

– If the parent doesn’t attend the P.T.M a fine of Rs.250/- will be added to the students’ personal account.

– Any complaints / suggestions should be written and forwarded to the principal only. Verbal complaints and suggestion will not be entertained. Parents should abide by the rules laid down by the school.

– Parents having specific problems may meet the principal any day from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

– Parents should contact their children only through the official school phone number which is 08514-242146, 245733. Teaching or Non-Teaching staffs mobile phones should not be availed for contacting their wards.

– Any student who wants to get admission should write the entrance examination without fail. If a child scores less than 10/50 marks in the entrance test he/she will not be given admission to the class which the admission is sought for. He /she may be given admission to the respective junior class at the discretion of the principal.

– The parents have to pay Rs.100/- towards the entrance examination fee.

– Admission to IX & X class will not be given under normal circumstances.

– Progress report book will be sent to the parents at the end of the academic year. However, report of all the examinations will be sent to the parents within three days of the completion of the examination.

– Duplicate Progress report book will be issued only after remitting an amount of Rs.50/-

– Students personal file can be obtained from the office any day after the parents receive progress report book from the school.

– Re-evaluation of any answer script of any exam will be done only if the parents pay an amount of Rs.100/-

– Parents are allowed to visit their wards only on the second Sundays. In case they are interested they may take their wards to the town for an outing on the same day. It is important that the Children’s mind is not diverted from concentration on studies by unnecessary distraction on the part of the family. Full co-operation in this regard and adherence to all other rules are expected from the parents.

– If any relative of the student wants to enter the campus to meet him/her, he/she has to show the identity card provided by the school authority in the beginning of the academic year. They also are to sign the visitor’s register kept at the entrance gate, which is maintained by the security.

– Parents should not visit the class rooms without the permission of the Principal.

– No child will be allowed to leave the school without obtaining gate pass from the Principal / A.O.

– Taking part in the CCA mentioned in the diary is a must for every student

– If a child is absent for 15 continuous days, his / her name will be struck off from the register. Fresh admission will be given to him/her only after furnishing valid reason and after collecting re-admission fee.

– If a child is absent for 30 continuous days, under no circumstance such a child will be allowed to continue in the school, until and unless he /she produces a valid medical certificate. Such a child will be given T.C only after he / she clears all the dues till the date he / she applies for the T.C. or the last working day of the academic year whichever occurs first.

– Students will be sent home on the stipulated dates only unless there is an emergency.

– All communications shall be addressed to the Principal

– The decision of the Correspondent / Principal will be final in connection with all aspects of the school including both academic and non-academic

– Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The school uniform must be worn on all working days.

– Girls should not apply nail polish or mehendi during the school session.

– Changing classrooms between period, when necessary should be done silently and in an orderly manner.

– Parents are requested to read the contents of this diary carefully and in the interest of the child.

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